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Table 2 GenBank accession numbers for tpi, gdh and bg genes used for sequence analysis and in the phylogenetic tree construction

From: First multilocus sequence typing (MLST) of Giardia duodenalis isolates from humans in Romania

Gene Assemblage Subtype GenBank ID
bg A A2 AY072723, FN386482, MN457734
A3 MN457735
A2/A3 MN457741
Not specified JQ978667, MN457740
B na AY072726, AY072728, EU014384, EU216429, KP026314, KP026313, HM165226, LC437422, MN457739
C LC437440
D LC437467
E KC960635
F LC341557
Outgroup AY258618
gdh A A1 AB434776, EF507606
A2 AB195222, AY178735, AY178736, AY178737, AY826194, EF507674, L40510, M84604, MT078609
A3 MT060492
Not specified EU637582, KM190756
B na AB434535, AF069059, AY178738, AY826191, DQ090539, DQ090540, EF685684, EU594665, KP899844, L40508, MT060490, MT060491
C U60984
D U60986
E KC960651
F AF069057
G AF069058
Outgroup AF069060
tpi A A1 GU564274
A2 AB516350, L02120, KC313923, KR105400, KR902356, KY271716, KY271722, MT060487, U57897
A3 MT060488
Not specified DQ650648, KJ941325, KM190773, KT369760, KU378623, MT001293
B na AF069560, AF069561, AY368163, AY368167, GU564279, HM140722, KC632557, KF679740, KF843920, KT357495, KT948104, KY271715, KY271717, MT060489
C AY228641
D DQ246216
E KF891311
G EU781013
Outgroup AF069564
  1. Abbreviation: na, not applicable