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Table 3 Comparison of Babesia sp. Xinjiang and Babesia motasi Lintan mitochondrial genomes were sequenced using Illumina (BspXJ-Illumina and BmLT-Illumina) and the Sanger method (BspXJ-Sanger and BmLT-Sanger)

From: Insights into the phylogenetic relationships and drug targets of Babesia isolates infective to small ruminants from the mitochondrial genomes

Positiona 1 2–195 179–185 218 5992–5993 5994–6052 5999–6044
Babesia sp. Xinjiang (BspXJ-Sanger, MK962313)   –…–    TT –…–  
Babesia sp. Xinjiang (BspXJ-Illumina, KX698108)   AA…TT    AA CT…TG  
Babesia motasi Lintan (BmLT-Sanger, MN605889) A   GT…TT    AA…TT
Babesia motasi Lintan (BmLT-Illumina, KX698109) T   –…– G    –…–
  1. Abbreviation: –, base deletion
  2. aPosition numbers given BspXJ (GenBank: MK962313)