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Table 3 Molecular identification of species employing both ITS2 and cox1 comparisons

From: Molecular analysis reveals a high diversity of Anopheles species in Karama, West Sulawesi, Indonesia

Molecular species ID Morphology species ID No. of sequences identified molecularly No. of correctly identified specimens based on morphology % of correctly identified specimens based on morphology
An. aconitusa a, b, c, e, r 28 8 28.6
An. barbirostrisa c, d, f, g, j, k, p, q, r, x 2396 2207 92.1
An. karwaria m 1 0 0
An. peditaeniatusa c, d, f, j, k, q, x 133 0 0
An. tessellatusa b, c, d, p 41 34 83.0
An. vagusa c, d, g, j, k, p, r 331 290 87.6
Total 2931 2539 86.6
  1. aSpecies previously confirmed as malaria vectors in Indonesia
  2. Morphologically-based species identifications included: aAedes albopictus; bAnopheles aconitus; cAn. barbirostris; dAn. barbumbrosus; eAn. flavirostris; fAn. hyrcanus; gAn. indefinitus; hAn. kochi; iAn. maculatus; jAn. nigerrimus; kAn. parangensis; lAn. pseudobarbirostris; mAn. schueffneri; nAn. subpictus; oAn. sulawesi; pAn. tessellatus; qAn. umbrosus; rAn. vagus; xCulex. Number and percentage of correctly identified morphological specimens are calculated from the number of sequences that were molecularly identified per species