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Table 1 Generalised linear mixed model examining the probability of Borrelia spp. infection in I. persulcatus individuals

From: Questing abundance of adult taiga ticks Ixodes persulcatus and their Borrelia prevalence at the north-western part of their distribution

Variable Coefficient SE Z-value P-value
Intercept 0.114 1.103 0.104 0.917
Stage (adult) 0.742 0.395 1.878 0.060
Month − 0.087 0.166 0.522 0.601
 Site Variance: 0.160 n = 8   
 No. of observations 203    
  1. Notes: Results from a generalised linear mixed model (binomial errors, logit link) examining the effects of developmental stage and linear change with month and including site as a random factor (see Fig. 1) on probability of Borrelia infection in I. persulcatus individuals