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Table 1 Collection sites with geographical coordinates and a description of the study sites in Sri Lanka

From: Resistance to commonly used insecticides and underlying mechanisms of resistance in Aedes aegypti (L.) from Sri Lanka

Sampling district Geographical coordinates of study sites Description of study sites Frequency of insecticide application
Latitude Longitude
Colombo 6°51′16″ 79°54′11″ Urban, populated area Frequent
Galle 6°47′00″ 79°58′00″ Urban, populated area Frequent
Hambanthota 6°01′00″ 80°46′60″ Suburban, semi-populated area Not frequent
Puttalum 8°14′00″ 79°46′00″ Suburban, populated area Not frequent
Trincomalee 8°37′00″ 81°13′00″ Urban, populated area Frequent