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Table 2 ELISA detection of tick-borne haemoparasites and molecular detection of T. parva p104 gene by PCR in blood samples from 128 cattle from Eastern Rwanda

From: Sequence diversity of cytotoxic T cell antigens and satellite marker analysis of Theileria parva informs the immunization against East Coast fever in Rwanda

Assay Tick borne haemoparasites screened (n = 128)
Theileria parva Theileria mutans Babesia bigemina Babesia bovis Anaplasma marginale
ELISA 44 (34.4%) 45 (35.2%) 14 (11%) 7 (8.6%) 27 (21.1%)
p104 PCR 20 (15.6%) na na na na
  1. Abbreviation: na, not applicable