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Table 2 Evaluation of the specificity of bCUBE-based qRT-PCR for DENV2 and ZIKV detection

From: Field-deployable molecular diagnostic platform for arbovirus detection in Aedes aegypti

Family Genus Species Strain BEI No RNA concentration (ng/µl) No. of positives for ZIKV assay No. of positives for DENV2 assay
Flaviviridae Flavivirus Japanese encephalitis virus India NR-9592 0.1013 0/3 0/3
West Nile virus CO 1862 NR-50434 0.10 0/3 0/3
Yellow fever virus 17D NR-2869 0.120 0/3 0/3
Togaviridae Alphavirus Chikungunya virus St Martin 2013 NR-50130 0.167 0/3 0/3
  1. Notes: A cross-reactivity panel of frequently co-circulating viruses was used to evaluate the specificity of bCUBE-based qRT-PCR for DENV2 and ZIKV. Arboviral RNA samples were obtained from BEI Resources. RNA concentration (ng/µl) and number of positively detected samples from the ZIKV and DENV2 assay are listed