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Table 2 Infection rates with Anaplasma marginale in cattle and buffaloes from Egypt

From: Epidemiology and genotyping of Anaplasma marginale and co-infection with piroplasms and other Anaplasmataceae in cattle and buffaloes from Egypt

Species Diagnostic tool n/N (%)
Cattle Blood smear 50/309 16.2
ELISA 103/188 54.8
RLB 155/309 50.2
qPCR 211/309 68.3
Buffaloes Blood smear 2/85 2.4
RLB 36/85 42.4
qPCR 25/85 29.4
  1. Abbreviations: ELISA, enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay; RLB, reverse line blot; qPCR, real time PCR; n, number positive; N, total number