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Table 3 Quantification of phonotactic responses to acoustic stimulation (focused)

From: Assessing the acoustic behaviour of Anopheles gambiae (s.l.) dsxF mutants: implications for vector control

Genotype dsxF+/+ XY
Sample size 6 cages of 25
Proportion of responders to 380 Hz 0.75 (0.03)
Proportion of responders to 432 Hz 0.54 (0.03)***
Proportion of responders to 497 Hz 0.20 (0.02)***
  1. Note: Median values of the number of responders to focused phonotactic stimulation for dsxF+/+ XY mosquitoes, with SEM values provided in brackets. Significant differences found between the three stimulation frequencies are starred (ANOVA: F(2, 15) = 51.122, P < 0.0001)