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Table 2. Density of questing ticks and percentage of positive transects in the three environments in the periurban (PU) location throughout the study period

From: Questing tick abundance in urban and peri-urban parks in the French city of Lyon

Environment type CE TE OE
Tick number/area (m2) 425/2680 65/850 8/1470
Density/10 m2 1.6 0.8 0.05
Positive transects/total transects 119/268 19/85 8/147
Percentage 44.4% 22.4% 5.4%
  1. Notes: Tick number/area (m2): total number of ticks/sampled area in m2; positive transects/total transects: number of tick-positive transects/total number of transects
  2. Abbreviations: CE, closed environment, within forests and along footpaths or tracks in forests; TE, transitional environment, forest edge; OE, open environment, meadow or along footpaths or tracks in open areas