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Table 3. Density of questing ticks and percentage of positive transects in closed and transitional environments in periurban (PU) and control (C) sites

From: Questing tick abundance in urban and peri-urban parks in the French city of Lyon

Time frame Entire period June
Site PU C PU C
Tick number/area (m2) 490/3530 493/500 223/640 191/100
Density/10 m2 1.4 9.9 3.5 19.1
Positive transects/total transects 138/353 40/50 48/64 10/10
Percentage 39 80 75 100
  1. Notes: Entire period: cumulative data for all five months; Tick number/area (m2): total number of ticks/sampled area in m2 in closed and transitional environments; positive transects/total transects: number of tick-positive transects/total number of transects in closed and transitional environments