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Table 3 Average of inter- and intraspecific pairwise divergence (K2P model) in three member species of the Maculatus group based on cox1 genes

From: Seasonal dynamics and molecular differentiation of three natural Anopheles species (Diptera: Culicidae) of the Maculatus group (Neocellia series) in malaria hotspot villages of Thailand

Species Average sequence divergence (minimum–maximum)
An. sawadwongporni An. maculatus An. pseudowillmori
An. sawadwongporni 0.004 (0.000–0.009)   
An. maculatus 0.069 (0.064–0.077) 0.002 (0.000–0.006)  
An. pseudowillmori 0.114 (0.108–0.126) 0.104 (0.099–0.111) 0.008 (0.000–0.012)