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Table 2 Sources of Wolbachia 16S rRNA sequences used in this study

From: Molecular identification of native Wolbachia pipientis in Anopheles minimus in a low-malaria transmission area of Umphang Valley along the Thailand-Myanmar border

Subgroup Strain Natural Wolbachia host Common name NCBI
Accession numbers for 16S rRNA sequences
A wMel Drosophila melanogaster Fruit fly AE017196
wRi Drosophila simulans CP001391
wHa Drosophila simulans CP003884
B wPip Culex quinquefasciatus Southern house mosquito AM999887.1
wAlbB Aedes albopictus Asian tiger mosquito KX155506.1
wNo Drosophila simulans Fruit fly CP003883.1
C wOo Onchocerca ochengi Filarial nematode of cattle AJ010276.1
wDim Dirofilaria immitis Heartworm of dogs AF487892.1
D wBm Brugia malayi Filarial nematode of humans AJ010275
E wFcan Folsomia candida Springtail KT799585.1
F PeJe1 Penicillidia jenynsii Wingless bat fly AB632590
H wZoo Zootermopsis nevadensis Termite AY764280
Anopheles-specific wAnga_BF_Anco Anopheles coluzzii Common malaria mosquito KP089991
wAnga_BF Anopheles gambiae KJ728740.1
wAnga_Mali Anopheles gambiae MF944114.1
wAnga_TZ Anopheles arabiensis MH596693, MH596696
MH596697, MH596703
Outgroup control Rickettsia Rickettsia montanensis ATCCVR-611 NR025920