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Table 1 Information of Blastocystis specimens used in this study including host, geographic origin, and subtype

From: Use of Oxford Nanopore MinION to generate full-length sequences of the Blastocystis small subunit (SSU) rRNA gene

Specimen ID Host Location Blastocystis subtype
1 Humana USA ST1
2 Humanb USA ST4
3 Humanc Spain ST4
4 Elephant USA ST11
5 Cattled USA ST10
6 Cattle USA ST10/ST14
7 Cattle USA ST14
  1. aIsolate acquired from ATCC (Blastocystis ATCC 50177)
  2. bIsolate acquired from ATCC (Blastocystis ATCC 50608)
  3. cIsolate H-1 reported in Santin et al. [24]
  4. dIsolate C-3073 reported in Santin et al. [24]