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Table 2 Upregulated enriched genes associated to the Gene Ontology biological process category

From: Comparative transcriptomic analysis of antimony resistant and susceptible Leishmania infantum lines

ID Description Fold change P-value
Protein phosphorylation
 LINF_320013700 CYC2-like cyclin—putativea 5.56 3.34E−42
 LINF_340027100 Dual specificity protein phosphatase—putative 8.93 4.34E−107
 LINF_360054700 Elongation factor-2 kinase-like protein 3.23 2.10E−16
 LINF_350046100 Kinetoplastid kinetochore protein 3—putative 2.02 9.69E−13
 LINF_250012200 Myosin heavy chain kinase c-like protein 3.37 3.77E−20
 LINF_300023300 Phosphatidylinositol kinase—putativea 3.97 4.10E−42
 LINF_360034100 Protein kinase—putativea 3.88 5.44E−42
 LINF_010011100 Rab-GTPase-TBC domain-containing protein 2.13 1.17E−16
 LINF_340047100 Target of rapamycin kinase 3a 2.74 2.33E−21
Microtubule-based movement
 LINF_070010300 Dynein heavy chaina 5.90 6.51E−54
 LINF_130011900 Kinesin—putativea 5.87 1.11E−70
 LINF_330038800 Present in the outer mitochondrial membrane 4.06 1.74E−37
 LINF_260024800 Microtubule-associated protein—putative 3.73 1.67E−59
 LINF_270017700 Intraflagellar transport protein 88—putative 2.16 2.53E−19
 LINF_040010500 Tetratricopeptide repeat 2.14 2.06E−19
 LINF_210017400 WD40 repeat-containing protein 2.06 4.35E−21
Biosynthetic process
 LINF_350008300 Serine palmitoyltransferase—putative 2.99 2.23E−35
 LINF_170011100 Phenazine biosynthesis-like protein 2.15 3.76E−08
Cellular process
 LINF_360020600 N-terminal region of chorein 4.95 3.27E−59
 LINF_190015000 FYVE zinc finger-containing protein 3.66 2.95E−27
 LINF_270009800 Glycosomal transporter (GAT3)—putative 3.39 1.48E−39
 LINF_240020050 Multi-drug resistance protein-like 3.27 1.11E−33
 LINF_350025400 Ankyrin repeat protein—putative 2.67 1.11E−21
Cellular component organization
 LINF_130020500 Phosphoprotein phosphatase—putative 2.28 1.71E−11
Protein ubiquitination
 LINF_350059500 SPRY domain; HECT-domain (ubiquitin-transferase)a 9.14 4.18E−81
 LINF_360053000 Ubiquitin protein ligase—putativea 7.30 3.59E−111
 LINF_220017000 Zinc finger—C3HC4 type (RING finger) 3.77 2.20E−40
 LINF_110017600 Protein transport protein SEC31—putative 3.57 6.80E−54
 LINF_160017100 WW domain-containing protein 2.63 5.06E−15
 LINF_160018000 Cullin family 2.23 1.06E−15
Ribonucleoprotein complex assembly
 LINF_170016300 ATP-dependent RNA helicase—putative 2.38 1.49E−26
Stress granule assembly
 LINF_180019600 Pumilio protein 2—putative 5.59 6.98E−64
Cellular metabolic process
 LINF_270018400 RING-H2 zinc finger 3.33 9.20E−24
 LINF_290018600 Heat shock protein 100 kDa 2.86 5.67E−32
Primary metabolic process; cellular macromolecule biosynthetic process; cellular nitrogen compound metabolic process
 LINF_300022800 DNAJ domain protein—putative 2.13 9.30E−14
Primary metabolic process; macromolecule metabolic process; nitrogen compound metabolic process
 LINF_120008300 Myotubularin-related protein—putative 4.00 4.38E−52
Multi-organism cellular process
 LINF_310038500 Acetyl-CoA carboxylase—putative 2.74 5.28E−33
Regulation of membrane lipid distribution; phospholipid translocation
 LINF_340032300 Phospholipid-transporting ATPase-like proteina 3.69 2.87E−39
Regulation of membrane lipid distribution
 LINF_260032600 ATP-binding cassette protein subfamily B—member 2—putative 2.21 7.28E−13
Quorum sensing involved in interaction with host; multi-organism cellular process; modulation of symbiont involved in interaction with host
 LINF_330022900 RNA recognition motif. (a.k.a. RRM–RBD or RNP domain)a 14.4 1.07E−153
 LINF_330023000 RNA-binding protein—putative 4.01 1.25E−12
  1. aGenes with more than one copy in the corresponding GO category. See Additional file 1: Table S1 for complete data