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Table 3 Downregulated enriched genes associated to the Gene Ontology biological process category

From: Comparative transcriptomic analysis of antimony resistant and susceptible Leishmania infantum lines

ID Description Fold change P-value
Nucleosome assembly
 LINF_100016800 Histone H3—putative 2.54 5.91E−28
 LINF_170019500 Histone H2Ba 2.34 4.29E−09
 LINF_310040900 Histone H4 2.15 6.51E−18
Ribonucleoprotein complex subunit organization; ribosome biogenesis
 LINF_110013300 40S ribosomal protein S21—putativea 2.77 2.71E−31
 LINF_070010600 60S ribosomal protein L7a—putativea 2.41 3.03E−17
 LINF_010009200 Ribosomal protein S7—putative 2.36 9.19E−23
 LINF_360008600 Nuclear protein family a—putative 2.11 4.18E−08
 LINF_290032300 60S ribosomal protein L13—putativea 2.19 2.28E−16
 LINF_130017200 40S ribosomal protein S4—putative 2.02 8.88E−14
Ribosome biogenesis
 LINF_060009400 Ribosomal protein L19e—putativea 3.14 1.54E−35
 LINF_350023700 60S ribosomal protein L5—putative 3.00 9.31E−33
 LINF_360015100 40S ribosomal protein S18—putative 2.35 9.75E−17
Ribonucleoprotein complex subunit organization
 LINF_210018200 40S ribosomal protein S23—putativea 2.62 1.59E−24
 LINF_030007300 Ribosomal protein L38—putative 2.24 1.49E−22
Ribonucleoprotein complex subunit organization; rRNA processing; ribosome biogenesis
 LINF_260021300 40S ribosomal protein S33—putative 2.66 1.95E−25
 LINF_340050700 Nucleolar protein family a—putative 2.10 2.15E−09
Cytoplasmic translation
 LINF_330028300 60S ribosomal protein L37a 2.27 7.94E−20
 LINF_350009300 40S ribosomal protein S3A—putative 2.00 3.20E−12
  1. aGenes with more than one copy in the corresponding GO category. See Additional file 1: Table S1 for complete data