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Table 5 Genetic differences between northern Italian N. caninum

From: Spatial distance between sites of sampling associated with genetic variation among Neospora caninum in aborted bovine foetuses from northern Italy

   FST analysis values (FST)
  Region Piedmont Lombardy Veneto-Trento
Nei’s genetic distance (D) Piedmont NA 0.1559** 0.0279
Lombardy 0.1561** NA 0.0973*
Veneto-Trento 0.0331 0.1082* NA
  1. Pairwise population matrix of FST analysis values (F) and Nei’s unbiased genetic distance (D). Values written in italics indicate statistical significance based on the goodness-of-fit test (G-test) assessing the significance of the effect of region on genetic differentiation
  2. *P = 0.012; **P = 0.001