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Fig. 1 | Parasites & Vectors

Fig. 1

From: Considerations on the taxonomy and morphology of Microcotyle spp.: redescription of M. erythrini van Beneden & Hesse, 1863 (sensu stricto) (Monogenea: Microcotylidae) and the description of a new species from Dentex dentex (L.) (Teleostei: Sparidae)

Fig. 1

Schematic drawings for measurements of microcotylid clamps and haptors. a Clamp measurements: ‘a’, ‘c’, ‘d’ and ‘e’, microcotylid sclerites according to Llewellyn [47]. be Body outlines, number of clamps and measurements in mounted microcotylids: unmounted specimen in 3D view (b); mounted specimens in 2D view (ce). Haptor anterior lobe lays on the body in c and e, haptor obliquely mounted in d (anterior lobe not laying on the body); e represents damaged specimen with missing pieces (arrow) and clamps (arrowheads). Abbreviations: ahl, anterior haptor lobe length; bl, body length; bl-h, body length without haptor; cl, clamp length; cw, clamp width; csw, ‘c’ sclerite width; hl, haptor length; phl, posterior haptor lobe length

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