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Fig. 5

From: Considerations on the taxonomy and morphology of Microcotyle spp.: redescription of M. erythrini van Beneden & Hesse, 1863 (sensu stricto) (Monogenea: Microcotylidae) and the description of a new species from Dentex dentex (L.) (Teleostei: Sparidae)

Fig. 5

Microcotyle isyebi Bouguerche, Gey, Justine & Tazerouti, 2019 ex Boops boops (L.) from off Guardamar del Segura, Spain. All drawings are from the same voucher specimen, except for the egg. a Whole mount. b Anterior end. c Clamp. d Genital atrium, including copulatory organ. e Germarium. f Egg. g Detail of abopercular egg filament. Abbreviations: co, copulatory organ; mc, main chamber of the genital atrium; p, small posterior chambers (“pockets” sensu Mamaev [44]). Scale-bars: a, 500 µm; b, df, 100 µm; c 50 µm

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