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Table 1 Summary data for the isolates of Microcotyle spp. used in the phylogenetic analyses

From: Considerations on the taxonomy and morphology of Microcotyle spp.: redescription of M. erythrini van Beneden & Hesse, 1863 (sensu stricto) (Monogenea: Microcotylidae) and the description of a new species from Dentex dentex (L.) (Teleostei: Sparidae)

Parasite speciesHost speciesIsolateFAO Fishing AreaGenBank IDSource
M. algeriensis Ayadi, Gey, Justine & Tazerouti, 2016Scorpaena notata RafinesqueMO-01WMKX926443 Ayadi et al. [24]
Scorpaena notataMO-02WMKX926444 Ayadi et al. [24]
Scorpaena notataMO-03WMKX926445 Ayadi et al. [24]
M. archosargi MacCallum, 1913Archosargus rhomboidalis (L.)81WCA MG586867Mendoza-Franco et al. [25]
M. arripis Sandars, 1945Arripis georgianus (Valenciennes) SA GU263830Catalano et al. [26]
M. caudata Goto, 1894Sebastes inermis CuvierMC06NWPLC472527 Kamio & Ono (unpublished data)
Sebastes inermis species complex”MC12NWPLC472528 Kamio & Ono (unpublished data)
Sebastes inermis species complex”MC18NWPLC472529 Kamio & Ono. (unpublished data)
Sebastes inermis species complex”MC20NWPLC472530 Kamio & Ono (unpublished data)
Sebastes inermis species complex”MC24NWPLC472531 Kamio & Ono (unpublished data)
M. erythrini van Beneden & Hesse, 1863Pagellus erythrinus (L.)MePe1WM MN814848Present study
Pagellus erythrinusMePe2WMMN816012 Present study
Pagellus erythrinusMePe3WMMN816013 Present study
Pagellus erythrinus WMAY009159 Jovelin & Justine [15]
Pagellus erythrinus WM AM157221Badets et al. [12]
Pagrus pagrus (L.)MePp1WMMN816014MN814849Present study
Pagrus pagrusMePp2WMMN816015 Present study
Pagrus pagrusMePp3WMMN816016 Present study
Pagrus pagrusMePp4WMMN816017 Present study
M. isyebi Bouguerche, Gey, Justine & Tazerouti, 2019Boops boops (L.)MiBb1WMMN816018MN814850Present study
Boops boopsMiBb2WMMN816019 Present study
Boops boopsMiBb3WMMN816020 Present study
Boops boopsMiBb4WMMN816021 Present study
Boops boopsMO01WMMK317922 Bouguerche et al. [3]
M. sebastis Goto, 1894Sebastes sp. NSP AF382051Olson & Littlewood [16]
Microcotyle sp. AKV-2016Nemipterus japonicas (Bloch)VII37_12EAS KU926692Verma & Agrawal (unpublished data)
Microcotyle sp. DG-2016Helicolenus dactylopterus (Delaroche)MO-04WMKX926446 Ayadi et al. [24]
Helicolenus dactylopterusMO-06WMKX926447 Ayadi et al. [24]
Sebastes schlegelii Hilgendorf NWPDQ412044 Park et al. [27]
Microcotyle sp. YK-2019Sebastiscus marmoratus (Cuvier)MK02NWPLC472525 Kamio & Ono (unpublished data)
Microcotyle sp. YK-2019Sebastiscus marmoratusMK01NWPLC472526 Kamio & Ono (unpublished data)
Microcotyle sp. 1 SC-2018 NWP MH700256Chou (unpublished data)
Microcotyle sp. 2 SC-2018 NWP MH700266Chou (unpublished data)
Microcotylidae sp. M10Sebastes sp.M10NWA EF653385Aiken et al. [28]
Microcotylidae sp. M11Argyrosomus japonicusM11SA EF653386Aiken et al. [28]
M. visa Bouguerche, Gey, Justine & Tazerouti, 2019Pagrus caeruleostictus (Valenciennes)PacoerMO01WMMK275652 Bouguerche et al. [2]
Pagrus caeruleostictusPacoerMO02WMMK275653 Bouguerche et al. [2]
Pagrus caeruleostictusPacoerMO03WMMK275654 Bouguerche et al. [2]
M. whittingtoni n. sp.Dentex dentex (L.)MwDd1WMMN816010MN814847Present study
Dentex dentexMwDd2WMMN816011 Present study
Paramicrocotyle” sp. FAS-2014aPinguipes chilensis (Valenciennes) SWPKJ794215 Oliva et al. [29]
Bivagina pagrosomi (Murray, 1931)Sparus aurata L.b SWPZ83003Z83002Littlewood et al. [10]
  1. aGenus synonymized with Microcotyle [2, 30]
  2. bAs Sparus auratus in Littlewood et al. [10]
  3. Note: The newly generated sequences are indicated in bold
  4. Abbreviations: CPS, Central-South-East Pacific; EAS, Eastern Arabian Sea; NS, North Sea; NWA, North-West Atlantic; NWP, North-West Pacific; SA, Southern Australia; SWP, South-West Pacific; WCA Western-Central Atlantic; WM, Western Mediterranean, –, not specified