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Fig. 9

From: Clonorchis sinensis MF6p/HDM (CsMF6p/HDM) induces pro-inflammatory immune response in RAW 264.7 macrophage cells via NF-κB-dependent MAPK pathways

Fig. 9

Structural comparison between CsMF6p/HDM and FhMF6/HDM. Two 3D models, CsMF6p/HDM in yellow (a) and FhMF6p/HDM in blue (c), were superposed (b). The superposed structure is in front view (top) and perpendicular view (bottom). Hydrophobic regions of CsMF6p/HDM (d) and FhMF6p/HDM (e) models are visualized from grey to red according to the hydrophobicity value

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