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Fig. 1

From: Leishmania braziliensis prostaglandin F synthase impacts host infection

Fig. 1

Comparative analysis of the LbrPGF2S amino acid sequence. a Multiple sequence alignment of putative PGF2S proteins from L. braziliensis (LbrM.31.2410), L. major (LmjF.31.2150), L. mexicana (LmxM.30.2150), L. infantum (LinJ.31.2210) and L. tarentolae (LtaP.31.2590). b Sequence alignment of L. braziliensis PGF2S and human putative ortholog (AKR1C3, NP_003730.4, gi|24497583) using the ClustalW algorithm. Aldo/keto reductase domains are shown in red and the blue square indicates a I247V mutation. c 3D sequence alignments of protein sequences of LmjPGF2S (PBD ID 4G5D, in grey) and human ortholog AKR1C3 (PDB ID 4YVV in blue), using RCSB PDB’s online comparison tool (

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