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Table 2 Fold changes in Anopheles arabiensis adult lethal time to 50% mortality (LT50) by insecticide after different breeding conditions treatments/treatments

From: Second generation effects of larval metal pollutant exposure on reproduction, longevity and insecticide tolerance in the major malaria vector Anopheles arabiensis (Diptera: Culicidae)

Generation and treatmentSENNSENN-DDT
Gen 1 cadmium1.891.672.690.73
Gen2C cadmium1.792.274.770.46
Gen2P cadmium3.913.066.960.21
Gen 1 copper1.761.301.370.80
Gen2C copper1.911.593.370.08
Gen2P copper2.693.045.400.14
Gen 1 lead3.802.162.450.04
Gen2C lead2.330.965.070.93
Gen2P lead3.281.932.140.29
  1. Abbreviations: Gen 1, F0 bred in polluted water; Gen2C, F1 from polluted water bred in clean water; Gen 2P, F1 from polluted water bred in polluted water