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Table 1 Abundance of mosquito species collected by MET and BGS traps

From: The mosquito electrocuting trap as an exposure-free method for measuring human-biting rates by Aedes mosquito vectors

SpeciesMosquito electrocuting trap (MET)BG-Sentinel (BGS) trapGrand total
♀ Unfed♀ FedTotal♀ Unfed♀ FedTotal
Aedes aegypti1009919218939127211429
Culex quinquefasciatus496238447789603457713822160
Aedes angustivittatus43864802422674
Limatus durhami02202204204264
Psorophora ferox012301014
Total 1077 16682745
  1. Notes: Mosquito species abundances are split by sex and feeding status of females. The total sampling effort with the two METs was 229 h, while for BGS traps was 270 h over the 12 days of sampling