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Fig. 5

From: Molecular characterization of RNase III protein of Asaia sp. for developing a robust RNAi-based paratransgensis tool to affect the sexual life-cycle of Plasmodium or Anopheles fitness

Fig. 5

Interaction mode of the predicted model by Swiss-model and dsRNA in comparison with the 4M30. The complexes resulted from molecular docking which was conducted with HADDOCK. a Monomers of the predicted structure of RNase III are colored green and cyan. In close-up view, the residues of model that are involved in interaction with dsRNA are depicted in yellow and stick representation. b Binding model of dsRBD of Asaia RNase III dimer with dsRNA, the crystal structure of dsRBDs from each monomer is presented in blue and pink. In the close-up view, residues of protein that are involved in binding to dsRNA are illustrated in red and stick representation

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