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Table 3 Validation of the three predicted 3D models of Asaia RNase III model with ProSA and TM-score

From: Molecular characterization of RNase III protein of Asaia sp. for developing a robust RNAi-based paratransgensis tool to affect the sexual life-cycle of Plasmodium or Anopheles fitness

Asaia RNase III modelQMEANProSAaTM-scoreb
Swiss-model− 4.44− 5.540.8990.550.81
Phyre2− 3.37− 5.520.5310.550.56
Modeller− 3.83− 5.640.77320.810.56
  1. aPRoSA Z-score determines the overall model quality
  2. bTM-score has the value in (0, 1]. Higher score indicates generally the same folding