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Table 1 Relative abundance of the Bartonellaceae in the 16S rRNA microbiome of studied host species

From: Expanding our view of Bartonella and its hosts: Bartonella in nest ectoparasites and their migratory avian hosts

Host speciesMinimum (%)Maximum (%)Mean (%)
Dermanyssus prognephilus1.5598.5718.45
Ceratophyllus idius0250.91
Protocalliphora sialia01.130.13
Purple martin (Progne subis)01.040.13
Tree swallow (Tachycineta bicolor)00.500.22
Eastern bluebird (Sialia sialis)00.130.04
  1. Notes: The mite, Dermanyssus prognephilus has a very high relative abundance of Bartonella compared with the other species. Relative abundances for D. prognephilus are calculated after the exclusion of one sample with a low number of reads (see text)