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Table 1 Transmission modes and amplification hosts of tick-borne microorganisms

From: Effect of rodent density on tick and tick-borne pathogen populations: consequences for infectious disease risk

MicroorganismTransmission modeProposed amplification host
Babesia microtiHorizontal [91]Rodents [93]
Borrelia afzeliiHorizontal [62]Rodents [55]
Borrelia gariniiHorizontal [62]Birds [94]
Borrelia miyamotoiHorizontal/vertical [74]Rodents [74]
Neoehrlichia mikurensisHorizontal [51]Rodents [51]
Rickettsia helveticaHorizontal/vertical [44]Birds [36]
Spiroplasma ixodetisVertical/horizontal [92; this study]Rodents [this study]