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Table 6 Costs of trapping

From: Testing a method of sampling for entomological determination of transmission of Wuchereria bancrofti to inform lymphatic filariasis treatment strategy in urban settings

Traps boughta69024
Total events6144420393
Total trap cost (USD)b12013,5004800
Trap cost per trapping event (USD)
Trapping events in 1 day3155
No. of entomologists per day110
No. of technicians per day100
No of community researchers per day111
Team cost per day (USD)c60.049.55.5
Team cost per trapping event (USD)
Total cost per trapping event (USD)20.26.413.3
Mean catch Anopheles1.00.50.1
Mean catch Culex2.41.664.8
Cost per Anopheles (USD)20.212.7133.1
Cost per Culex (USD)
  1. aFor PSC this is the cost of fixed costs (lamp, white sheets, forceps, sprayer, facemasks) and supplies (insecticide)
  2. bDoes not include shipping costs which was provided in kind
  3. cFor gravid and exit traps this includes a proportion of one day per collection period for trap set up day