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Table 1 Key definitions

From: The scale affects our view on the identification and distribution of microbial communities in ticks

Tick pathobiomeTick-borne pathogens in their microbial environment: tick-borne pathogens plus the rest of tick microbes potentially interacting with them
Tick microbiotaThe assemblage of all microorganisms present in and on ticks
Tick microbiomeThe collection of genes and genomes of members of the tick microbiota combined with the environment (Marchesi and Ravel [113])
Tick-borne pathogensMicroorganisms transmitted by ticks to humans or animals which have the ability to cause disease
Tick symbiontsMicroorganisms engaged in close and long-term interactions with their tick hosts. They are required for tick survival and reproduction or have multiple effects on tick life history traits (Bonnet et al. [42]) Endosymbionts live inside tick; most of them have obligate intracellular life cycles and depend almost exclusively on maternal transmission