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Fig. 2

From: Expanded complement of Niemann-Pick type C2-like protein genes in Clonorchis sinensis suggests functions beyond sterol binding and transport

Fig. 2

Phylogenetic relationships among curated NPC2 proteins identified in two genomes of Clonorchis sinensis (a). Curated SWISS-PROT NPC2 proteins and known PDB structures for NPC2-like proteins were used as an outgroup. For each C. sinensis gene, their predicted Chinese (red) and Korean (blue) orthologues are presented as pairs in the phylogenetic tree. For each gene, the phylogenetic grouping (b) and the encoding scaffold (c) are listed. For all encoded protein sequences, the presence of a signal peptide (d), homology to canonical SWISS-PROT NPC2 proteins (e) and the presence of a conserved Pfam ML domain (PF02221) (f) are indicated. For representative pairs of orthologous proteins, the predicted quality of the I-TASSER model (C-score; “confidence score”) and the best matched PDB structure is shown (g). Transcription levels for each NPC2-like protein-encoding gene in available developmental and tissue-specific RNA-Seq libraries are included as a heatmap (h)

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