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Table 3 GenBank accession numbers for sequences (28S rRNA gene and cox1 gene) for the digenean species generated in the present study

From: Uncharted digenean diversity in Lake Tanganyika: cryptogonimids (Digenea: Cryptogonimidae) infecting endemic lates perches (Actinopterygii: Latidae)

Parasite speciesHost speciesLocalityGenBank ID
28S rRNAcox1
Neocladocystis bemba n. sp.L. microlepisKatukula (8°43ʹS, 30°57ʹE)MN705808MN702809, MN702812, MN702814, MN702815
Mpulungu (8°46ʹS, 31°07ʹE) MN702813
Mutondwe Island (8°42ʹS, 31°07ʹE) MN702810, MN702811
Neocladocytis biliaris n. sp.L. mariaeUvira (4°20ʹS, 29°09ʹE)MN705809 
Neocladocytis sp.L. microlepisMutondwe Island (8°42ʹS, 31°07ʹE)MN705810MN702816
Tanganyikatrema fusiforma n. sp.L. microlepisMpulungu (8°46ʹS, 31°07ʹE)MN705811MN702817
Tanganyikatrema sp. ‛elongataʼL. angustifronsMpulungu (8°46ʹS, 31°07ʹE)MN705812