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Table 6 Total pairwise differences among partial 28S rDNA sequences for the cryptogonimid species reported in this study

From: Uncharted digenean diversity in Lake Tanganyika: cryptogonimids (Digenea: Cryptogonimidae) infecting endemic lates perches (Actinopterygii: Latidae)

1Neocladocystis bemba n. sp.
2Neocladocystis biliaris n. sp.
3Neocladocystis sp.671.61.8
4Tanganyikatrema fusiforma n. sp.2425200.3
5Tanganyikatrema sp. ‛elongataʼ2425224
  1. Note: Uncorrected pairwise differences (below the diagonal) and mean divergence (uncorrected p-distance in % above the diagonal) among the newly discovered cryptogonimid species from Lates spp. in Lake Tanganyika