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Fig. 3

From: Proteins involved in the biosynthesis of lipophosphoglycan in Leishmania: a comparative genomic and evolutionary analysis

Fig. 3

A catalog of trypanosomatid genes involved in the synthesis of LPG. The genes in each row are grouped by their involvement in the synthesis of molecules in either the anchor or repetition regions of LPG. FKP40 and AFKP80, as well as SCA1 and SCA2 genes were jointly considered because of their high degree of sequence conservation that hampers their differentiation by sequence analysis alone. Species belonging to the L. enrietti complex are marked in purple in the top panel, and those belonging to Sauroleishmania in light blue. The subgenera Leishmania and Viannia are shown in green and red, respectively. For retrieved sequences, the following symbols were used to indicate the presence of an ortholog for the gene (), frameshift within the gene (±), and sequences with a partial alignment (o). Events of gene gain and loss are represented in green and gray, respectively. The sequences used as query for the BLAST searches were from L. major Friedlin. Presentation of the data was inspired by the previous genome-based work of Arcá et al. [73]

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