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Fig. 6

From: Proteins involved in the biosynthesis of lipophosphoglycan in Leishmania: a comparative genomic and evolutionary analysis

Fig. 6

Reanalysis of expression data for genes involved in LPG synthesis in four Leishmania species. The expression of LPG genes across four Leishmania species (L. mexicana, L. amazonensis, L. donovani and L. major) are shown, with each cell representing the expression of a gene (discretized into deciles of cpm values) in a given parasite stage. a Axenic cultures of L. donovani and L. mexicana in promastigote (P) and amastigote (A) forms. b Forms of L. major and L. amazonensis at different life forms/timepoints during the transition of metacyclic promastigotes to intracellular amastigotes at 4 h and 48 h post-infection of macrophages. Genes absent in at least two species are not shown. Differences in expression across stages within each species were evaluated using non-parametric tests (see “Methods”), with lowercase letters indicating significant differences (P < 0.05) in the expression of the genes within samples

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