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Table 3 Lethal median time (LT50) and hazard ratios (HR) of An. gambiae adults that emerged from unexposed larvae or larvae exposed to two P. flavescens nymphs and/or 6 mg B. bassiana fungus spores

From: Direct and indirect effects of predation and parasitism on the Anopheles gambiae mosquito

GroupLarval exposure toAdult exposure to fungusLT50 (95% CI) (days)Hazard ratio
NymphFungusHR95% CIP-valuendf
INoNoNo23 (20–26)904
IINoNoYes5 (4.7–5.3)45.817.8–117.7< 0.001901
IIIYesNoYes4 (3.8–4.1)67.426.0–174.2< 0.001901
IVNoYesYes5 (4.7–5.3)50.919.8–130.8< 0.001901
VYesYesYes4 (3.7–4.3)112.043.3–289.5< 0.001901
  1. Notes: Significant P-values (Cox Regression) are shown in bold
  2. Abbreviations: n, sample size; df, degrees of freedom