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Table 2 Fluralaner dose efficacy at Day 2, Day 28 and Day 45 after treatment administration

From: Evaluation of fluralaner as an oral acaricide to reduce tick infestation in a wild rodent reservoir of Lyme disease

InfestationDoseAttached living larvaeaEfficacy (%)
Day 20 mg/kg6.65 
50 mg/kg0.1997.1
12.5 mg/kg0.4393.5
Day 280 mg/kg8.28 
50 mg/kg8.023.1
12.5 mg/kg7.944.1
Day 450 mg/kg6.06 
50 mg/kg6.840
12.5 mg/kg6.300
  1. aArithmetic mean
  2. Note: Efficacy represents the proportion of ticks killed by the treatment