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Fig. 4

From: A potential global surveillance tool for effective, low-cost sampling of invasive Aedes mosquito eggs from tyres using adhesive tape

Fig. 4

Visualisation of DNA amplification and egg damage caused by egg removal. PCR amplification of Ae. aegypti using species-specific markers and visualisation of tape damage to the egg surface under SEM. a–e SEM micrographs of Ae. aegypti mosquito eggs. a Example of egg size, dorsal view, lifted from filter paper. b Dorsal view on BT (1, damage to chorion). c Dorsal view on DT (2, damage to chorion). d Dorsal view on FT (3, total removal of chorionic layer). e Ventral view, controls on filter paper (4, chorion intact). Gel electrophoresis results of PCR of eggs from car tyres using primers of Higa et al. [50] (f) and those of Das et al. [49] (g)

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