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Table 1 Properties of adhesive tapes used during experimentation

From: A potential global surveillance tool for effective, low-cost sampling of invasive Aedes mosquito eggs from tyres using adhesive tape

Tape typeCodePropertiesCost
Body tapeBTMedium levels of adhesion. Less commercially available but contains less chemicals that potentially have less deleterious effects on egg viability£4.90 for 27 strips (Eylure Body Tape Pre-Cut Adhesive Strips, Boots UK, Ormskirk, England)
Clear packing tapePTLow-medium levels of adhesion, wide commercial availability, low cost, may be less damaging to eggs during transfer£3.28 for (L) 100 M (W) 50 mm (Diall Clear Packing Tape, B&Q, Aintree, England)
Double-sided flooring tapeCTMedium-high levels of adhesion. Widely available in DIY stores, double-sidedness may prove advantageous for adhering samples for transportation£8.90 for (L) 25 M (W)50 mm (Diall White Double Sided Tape, B&Q, Aintree, England)
Duct tapeDTHigh levels of adhesion, wide commercial availability, a white background to improve visibility, easily torn without the need for cutting apparatus£ 2.70 for (L) 5 M (W) 50 mm (Duck Tape®, B&Q, Aintree, England)