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Table 5 Mixed effect model results of number of eggs hatching and the numbers of larvae to adult emergence for the different tape types and exposure treatments

From: A potential global surveillance tool for effective, low-cost sampling of invasive Aedes mosquito eggs from tyres using adhesive tape

Development transitionModelFormdfAICBICP-value
Egg to larvae emergenceM1No. of larvae ~ No. of eggs + Exposure + (Tape type)72635.12660.32.00E−16***
M2No. of larvae ~ No. of eggs + Exposure62647.42669.02.00E−16***
M3No. of larvae ~ No. of eggs + (Tape type)42757.92772.31
M4No. of larvae ~ Exposure + (Tape type)62882.82904.41
M5No. of larvae ~ Tape type62908.82930.51
M6No. of larvae ~ Exposure53016.03034.11
Larvae to adult emergenceM7No. of adults ~ No. of larvae + Exposure + (Tape type)7684.3709.52.00E−16***
M8No. of adults ~ No. of larvae + Exposure6747.4769.12.00E−16***
M9No. of adults ~ No. of larvae + (Tape type)4706.4720.91
M10No. of adults ~ Exposure + (Tape type)62861.12882.71
M11No. of adults ~ Tape type52998.13016.11
M12No. of adults ~ Exposure52998.13016.11
  1. Note: The model with the lowest AIC (Akaikeʼs information criterion) and BIC (Bayesian information criterion) was retained (i.e. the best-fit model) and Chi-square test was used to test for significance
  2. *P < 0.05, **P < 0.01, ***P < 0.001