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Table 2 Historical comparative data for Anisakis simplex (s.l.) mean intensity and ranges in 1-sea-winter salmon

From: Increasing intensities of Anisakis simplex third-stage larvae (L3) in Atlantic salmon of coastal waters of Scotland

Sampling region (Year)nRegion of infectionReference
VisceraMusculaturePer fishVent
North-West Atlantic Ocean (1966–1968)1402–132–9nana[41]
West Greenland (1968)705.33.6nana[42]
Montrose, River Spey, Armadale, North and North-East Scotland (2008–2009)5na39.4nana[43]
Strathy Point, North coast Scotland (2009)1026.8 ± 12.5a5.1 ± 4.4a63.6 ± 31.9a31.7 ± 21.3a[5]
River Drammenselva, South-East Norway (2009)1754.5 ± 66.0a22.8 ± 15.2a89.6 ± 81.5a12 .4 ± 20.8a[9]
Armadale, Usan, and Sandyhills, North, East and West coasts of Scotland (2015)117118.2 ± 114.2a40.1 ± 43.4a259.9 ± 197.3a101.6 ± 73.0aThis study
  1. aStandard deviation
  2. Abbreviations: n, number of fish sampled; na, not available