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Table 1 Summary of 566 dogs tested for Dirofilaria immitis antigen across eastern Australia 2016–2019

From: Pig-hunting dogs are an at-risk population for canine heartworm (Dirofilaria immitis) infection in eastern Australia

CohortLocalityAgeaPositive/totalCanine heartworm prophylaxis
DiroChek®Anigen Rapid®
 Cohort 1Northern3 (0.1–13)1b/421b/42None or intermittent
Central3 (0.1–9)12/6211/62None or intermittent
New South Wales
 Cohort 2Remote western1 (0.5–12)0/332ndNone
 Cohort 3Goulburn9 (1–15)0/45ndNone
 Cohort 4Greater Sydney5 (2–9)nd0/85Rigorous in 54% (46/85)
  1. aMedian (minimum-maximum), in years
  2. bA 9-year-old male relocated from Central Queensland
  3. Abbreviations: nd, not determined; DiroChek®, DiroChek® Heartworm Antigen Test Kit (Zoetis, NJ); Anigen Rapid®, Rapid Test Kit Heartworm (CHW) Ag2.0 (Anigen, BioNote Inc., Seoul, South Korea)