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Table 1 Signalment of primary dogs enrolled as veterinary patients in studies conducted in Europe to evaluate the efficacy of Simparica Trio™ against natural flea and tick infestations

From: Efficacy of a novel oral chewable tablet containing sarolaner, moxidectin and pyrantel (Simparica Trio™) against natural flea and tick infestations on dogs presented as veterinary patients in Europe

SignalmentFlea studyTick study
Simparica Trio™ (n = 180)Afoxolaner + Milbemycin oxime (n = 98)Simparica Trio™ (n = 126)Afoxolaner + Milbemycin oxime (n = 64)
Age, mean (years)
Age, range (years)0.2–15.00.2–16.00.2–14.00.3–14.0
Body weight, mean (kg)14.215.519.421.1
Body weight, range (kg)2.1–48.82.7–50.92.1–65.12.7–54.3
Lives mostly indoors207114
Lives mostly outdoors116637345
Lives indoors and outdoors44284215