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Table 1 Signalment of dogs enrolled as veterinary patients in studies conducted in Europe and the USA to evaluate the efficacy of Simparica Trio™ against natural gastrointestinal nematode infections

From: Field efficacy and safety of a novel oral chewable tablet containing sarolaner, moxidectin and pyrantel (Simparica Trio™) against naturally acquired gastrointestinal nematode infections in dogs presented as veterinary patients in Europe and the USA

SignalmentEuropean study (primary dogs)USA study
Simparica Trio (n = 194)Afox + Milb (n = 97)Simparica Trio (n = 120)Ive + Pyr (n = 42)
Age, Mean (years)
Age, Range (years)0.2–15.00.2–13.00.2–14.00.2–9.0
Body weight, Mean (kg)
Body weight, Range (kg)2.1–70.02.1–51.01.5–47.41.5–39.8
Lives mostly indoors1988630
Lives mostly outdoors1316831
Lives indoors and outdoors44213111
  1. Abbreviations: Afox, afoxolaner; Milb, milbemycin oxime; Ive, ivermectin; Pyr, pyrantel pamoate