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Table 2 Study 1: Angiostrongylus vasorum L1 counts in the feces and lung, percent efficacy, mean percent consolidated lung lobe area and mean total lung lesion severity scores by treatment group

From: Efficacy of orally administered combination of moxidectin, sarolaner and pyrantel (Simparica Trio™) for the prevention of experimental Angiostrongylus vasorum infection in dogs

TreatmentMoxidectin dose (µg/kg)aFecal L1 countsbLung L1 countsLung lesionsc
Geometric mean% EfficacyGeometric mean% Efficacy% Lung consolidationMean total severity score
Sarolaner + moxidectin + pyrantel30.8940762.2042.014.3
Sarolaner + moxidectin + pyrantel120.07546.858.075.416.19.9
Sarolaner + moxidectin + pyrantel240.0001000.01003.15.6
  1. aThe combination product-treated dogs received the exact moxidectin dose shown for each group, combined with 2 mg/kg sarolaner and 5 mg/kg pyrantel
  2. bFecal L1 counts (per gram feces) were conducted daily on samples collected before necropsy for 5–12 days
  3. cAt necropsy the percentage of consolidation for each of the six lung lobes was assessed and the mean % consolidation was calculated. The severity of the lesions on each lobe was scored on a scale from 0 to 3 (the maximum possible total score was 18)