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Table 2 Kendallʼs rank correlation of climatic variables versus Phortica variegata males referred to the day of sampling

From: Temperature is a common climatic descriptor of lachryphagous activity period in Phortica variegata (Diptera: Drosophilidae) from multiple geographical locations

SiteVariableValid nKendall’s tau bP-value
All sitesDay length760.0210.80
Maximum temperature750.45< 0.0001
Minimum temperature750.40< 0.0001
Mean temperature750.43< 0.0001
Mean wind speed730.170.044
Barometric pressure76− 0.250.003
Relative humiditya55− 0.230.014
ManzianaDay length17− 0.160.44
Maximum temperature160.300.15
Minimum temperature160.150.025
Mean temperature160.340.10
Mean wind speed17-0.400.039
Barometric pressure170.130.53
Relative humidity70.590.10
Oliveto LucanoDay length170.270.16
Maximum temperature170.580.002
Minimum temperature170.390.041
Mean temperature170.470.015
Mean wind speed17− 0.150.44
Barometric pressure17− 0.080.70
Relative humidity17− 0.070.74
El EscorialDay length170.300.10
Maximum temperature170.570.002
Minimum temperature170.480.008
Mean temperature170.590.001
Mean wind speed14− 0.160.47
Barometric pressure170.350.057
Relative humidity16− 0.390.042
New ForestDay length100.180.60
Maximum temperature100.550.07
Minimum temperature100.220.51
Mean temperature100.440.15
Mean wind speed10− 0.110.80
Barometric pressure10− 0.110.80
Relative humiditynanana
Highland ParkDay length150.240.25
Maximum temperature150.560.006
Minimum temperature150.760.0002
Mean temperature150.520.010
Mean wind speed150.060.80
Barometric pressure15− 0.180.39
Relative humidity150.080.73
  1. aNew Forest data not available
  2. Notes: Day length recorded as % of light in 24 hours; temperature recorded as °C; wind speed recorded as m/s; pressure recorded as hPa; humidity recorded as %. Italic highlights the variables with significant correlations (P-value < 0.05)
  3. Abbreviations: Valid n, records used in the statistics; Kendallʼs tau b, correlation value; P-value, two-sided significance level of the b-statistics; na, data not available