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Fig. 1

From: Benchmarking hybrid assemblies of Giardia and prediction of widespread intra-isolate structural variation

Fig. 1

Performance metrics for all Giardia BGS long-read assemblies. The title above each scatterplot denotes the metric being plotted on the y-axis. The left column shows the differences between 1D (red Xs) vs 1Dsq (blue circles) data for each assembly protocol. Note that the data are paired. The middle column shows the assemblies separated by assembly program: abruijn (black Xs), canu (green circles) and SMARTdenovo (purple boxes). In the left and middle columns, the assemblies are randomly assigned along the x-axis for visualization purposes, hence there are no units. The right column shows polished sets of assemblies with the x-axis denoting how many times the draft assembly was polished. The dashed grey line shows the size of the Giardia BGS reference assembly

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