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Fig. 2

From: Identification and evaluation of UL36 protein from Dermacentor silvarum salivary gland and its interaction with Anaplasma ovis VirB10

Fig. 2

a Gene structure of the virb10 bait used in yeast-two-hybrid screening. TM, LC and UN stand for the trans-membrane region, low complexity region, and unknown region, respectively. b Construction of pGBKT7-VirB10 bait plasmid confirmed by agarose gel electrophoresis. Lane M: DL2000 DNA marker; Lane 1: confirmation of amplified bait (pGBKT7-VirB10) clone. c Determination of auto-activation and toxicity for pGBKT7-VirB10 bait plasmid in yeast cells. The pGBKT7-VirB10 bait and pGBKT7 plasmids were used to transform Y2HGold cells, which were grown on separate plates. The co-transformants containing pGADT7-T and pGBKT7-53 were grown on DDO/X/A plates as a positive control

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