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Fig. 3

From: Identification and evaluation of UL36 protein from Dermacentor silvarum salivary gland and its interaction with Anaplasma ovis VirB10

Fig. 3

Analysis of putative positive colonies. a Mated bait-prey plasmids (transformed in yeast) showing blue colonies on DDO/X/A. b Two of the five blue clones patched out onto higher stringency QDO/X/A plates manifested blue patches. c Agarose gel electrophoresis of amplified PCR products for the inserts of putative positive prey plasmids. Lane M: DNA 5000 maker; Lanes 1 and 2: PCR amplification products of the inserts of the two putatively positive hits. d Mated prey plasmid and pGBKT7-VirB10 in Y2HGold cells cultivated on QDO/X/A plates showed blue colonies while mated prey plasmid and empty pGKBT7 showed no growth on QDO/X/A plates

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