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Fig. 2

From: Chronic whipworm infection exacerbates Schistosoma mansoni egg-induced hepatopathology in non-human primates

Fig. 2

RNA-Seq analysis reveal distinct transcriptional profiles that indicate greater liver damage in animals co-infected with S. mansoni and T. trichiura. a Distribution of differentially expressed genes in baboons co-infected with S. mansoni and T. trichiura compared to S. mansoni alone. b Significantly upregulated or downregulated genes in PBMCs. Each colored dot represents one gene. c Disease pathway analyses on generated using IPA for PBMCs. Bars are plotted based on the − log10(P-value) and colored red denoting upregulation/activation and blue representing downregulation/inhibition according to the Z-score, a prediction of activation or inhibition based on the degree of overlap between directional expression of genes from the observed data and the Qiagen-curated public database. d Schematic representation of genes from PBMCs involved in activation of liver damage pathway. Red represents upregulation and blue represents downregulation. For all comparisons, the threshold for statistical significance was P < 0.05

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